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Welch Allyn ECG 3Lead Cable and Leadwires IEC Clip
GE Seer Light ECG Cable and Leadwires AHA Snap BCY7-38AS 2008594-002
Mortara Eli230 10 leads EKG cable and leadwires,Banana 4.0 plug IEC
Nihon Kohden EKG Cable and Leadwires Compatible with NihonKohden: Cardiofax Q ECG-9110K, ECG-9130K, ECG-9130P, ECG-9620P, Doing Juang Cardioline
Fukuda ME EKG Cable and Leadwires Compatible with KP-500, KP-500D
Compatible Philips DB9 9pin ECG 5 lead cable and leadwires ,PN989803157491 Digitrak XT Patient Cbl-Medium. 350-0283-03
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Masimo Rainbow Rad-7 Rad-8 Rad-5v Rad-57 Neonate Wrap SpO2 Sensor 20Pin 3M
GE Dash 2500 Oximax Pediatric Soft Tip SpO2 Sensor 11Pin 3M
Siemens Drager SC6000 7000 9000 Pediatric Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor 7Pin 3m
Compatible Philips M1191BL Adult Soft Tip SpO2 Sensor 8Pin 3M
Nellcor DS-100A Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor Compatibel wtih GE Dash 2500 V100
Nellcor Veterinary Tongue Clip and Adult Ear Clip SpO2 Sensor DB9 9Pin 1M
  Top 10 Sellers
Nellcor Spo2 Sensor / Compatible Model: NELLCOR: N550, N560, N595, N600, N571, N5500 (Nellcor Oximax); Colin/Omron: BX10NE (Oximax); Datascope: Trio Nouvelle, Generation (Oximax);Edan: M9, M9A, M99A, M8, M8A, M8B, M3, M3B, M50, M80, iM9, iM9A, iM50, iM80 (Oximax) with Oximax technology.
philips M1196A 8pins adult figner clip spo2 sensor
BCI Spo2 Sensor / OEM Number: 3044 / Compatible Model: BCI: 3304, 3303, 3302, 3301, 3300, 3400, 3401, 3403, 6100, 9200, 9100, Advisor, Autocorr, MiniToor, Mini Torr plus; Corpuls: 08/16 (BCI Tech); Digicare: Digimax5500(BCI Tech); Dräger/Simens: Oxipac(BCI Tech), Dräger Oxipac2000 (BCI Tech); Medlab: NANOX 10, POX 10, Perarl 10(BCI Tech);
Biolight Spo2 Sensor / Compatible Model: M8000, M9000, M8000A, M9000A, BTD-352A, New M69 (Digital Tech)
Datascope Spo2 Sensor / Compatible Model:Accusat, Accutor 3/4 sat, Passport, Accutor Plus (Datascope​) / BestMed REF: BSA308-23, BSB308-23, BSC308-23, BSD308-23, BSE308-23, BSF308-23, BSG308-23
Nihon Kohden Spo2 Sensor / OEM Number: JL-900P / Compatible Model: BSM-2300 Life Scope I, BSM-2301A, BSM-2351, 2353 Life Scope L, BSM-2301, 2303 Lifescope I, BSM-4100 Life Scope P, BSM-4101, 4103, 4111, 4113 Life Scope P, BSM-5100 Lifescope A, BSM-5105, 5135 Lifescope A, Lifescope TR, BSM-6000 series, BSM-6301K, BSM-6501K, BSM-6701K, BSM-9510 Lifescope M, BSM-9800 Lifescope S, BSM2350 Lifescope L, BSM2301K Lifescope I, BSM2303K Lifescope I​. / BestMed REF: BSA314-50, BSB314-50, BSC314-50, BSD314-50, BSE314-50, BSF314-50, BSG314-50
GE Ohmeda OxyTip+ Spo2 Sensor / OEM Number: OXY-F-UN (Adult Finger), OXY-F-UN (​Adult Soft), OXY-W-UN (Neonate wrap) / Compatible Model: Ohmeda TruSat, 3755, 37XX Series, 3800, 3900, 3900P, 4700, 5250, Cardiocap/5, S/5, AS/3 (N-XOSAT or M built in), CS/3(M-OSAT built in)​, S/5 light, Satlite PulsⅡ, Capnomac UltmaS/5, Coro 259 (TruSignal Tech) / BestMed REF: BSA108-31O, BSB108-31O, BSC108-31O, BSD108-31O, BSE108-31O, BSF108-31O, BSG108-31O
Dolphin Spo2 Sensor / Compatible Model: (Digital Tech) / BestMed REF: BSA314-27D, BSB314-27D, BSC314-27D, BSD314-27D, BSE314-27D, BSF314-27D, BSG314-27D
GE Corometrics Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor(GE Corometrics: SERIE 250 (Oximax); Dash2500/Dash3000/4000/5000, Solar 8000/8000M, i/9500(Tram451N5/851N5)
  Company Profile
       Hongkong Best medical group was founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, the registered capital of 7.5 million Hong Kong dollars, is a strengthful company of independent production, independent research and independent  development .
In China, there are three companies, respectively producing mold, spo2 cable and medical accessories for patient monitor and EKG.
      Since its estabishmend in 2008, there are more than 100 employees, including ten technical support   , ten business personnel account , five  research and development staff  ,seventy-five production line.
Best have built good relationship with mindray, Siemens  Choice  . Best  adheres to the human as the core, technology as the support,Customer as the god's management idea hope to bring  best service in the world. Choose best,  is choose the best and  choose theSuccess. Along the best company, let your life more easily!
      Our business  covers spo2  probe, spo2 adapter cable , IBP  cable, temperature probe,  ECG cable and leadwires ,EKG cable and leadwires ,NIBP cuff and ECG electrodes, Spo2 parts, all kinds for raw material and
semi-finshed products. .  OEM is warmly welcome. Our advantage is that we can provide what you  need with competitive price and top service. Looking forward to cooperate with you in the other side of world!
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