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Bionet(Korea) ECG 3Lead cable and leadwires Compatible with BM3 BM3 VET
Model No.: BCY3-03IS, BCY3-03IG, BCY3-03AS, BCY3-03AG
Artema/S&W ECG cable 5Lead and leadwires Compatible with 8000 System, Diascope1, 2, Neoscope, DMS 700, defibrillator, Diascope NT, Athena Systems, Cardio-Aid, DS Traveller, DSNT, DS1, DS2, MCX/LS
Model No.: BCY5-02IS, BCY5-02IG, BCY5-02AS, BCY5-02AG
Compatible Philips ECG Telemetry Trunck Cable
Model No.: BCZH-16
Compatible Philips telemetry ECG PH MX40 ECG 6Lead with Spo2 989803171901, 989803171911, 989803171931
Model No.: BCYH6S-16IG
Compatible Philips MX40 ECG 5Lead ECG Lead MX40 with Spo2 Sensor
Model No.: BCYH5S-16IG
Compatible Philips MX 40telemetry ECG PH MX40 ECG 3Lead with Spo2 Sensor 989803171901, 989803171911, 989803171931
Model No.: BCYH3S-16IG
One Use ECG Cable 3 Lead Grabber Compatible for Covidien 33135T
Model No.: BCYY3-01AG
Compatible for Covidien Kendall 33135T Disposable ECG Cable Coviden 1M 6Pin 5 Lead AHA Snap
Model No.: BCYY5-01AS
Welch Allyn Propaq LT ECG 3Lead 9Pin Cable and Leadwires IEC Clip
Model No.: BCY3-37IG,BCY3-37AG,BCY3-37IS,BCY3-37IS
Biosys 5 lead ECG cable and leadwires Compatible with BPM-103
Model No.: BCY5-05IS, BCY5-05IG, BCY5-05AS, BCY5-05AG,BCY3-05IS, BCY3-05IG, BCY3-05AS, BCY3-05AG
Siemens Multi-use ECG Cable 3368391 5950192 5950196 Compatible with SC8000,SC9000, Drager Vista SC5000,SC6000,SC7000
Model No.: BCD-04
Mennen ECG cable and leadwires 3Lead 12Pin compatible with Enmove 1000, Envoy
Model No.: BCY3-20IS, BCY3-20IG, BCY3-20AS,BCY3-20AG
Medtronic Physio-control ECG cable and leadwires compatible with LIFEPAK 12, LIFEPAK 20E, LIFEPAK 120, LIFEPAK 15
Model No.: BCY3-17IS, BCY3-17IG, BCY3-17AS, BCY3-17AG
M&D ECG cable and leadwires compatible with CD2000
Model No.: BCY3-16IS, BCY3-16IG, BCY3-16AS, BCY3-16AG
Kontron ECG cable and leadwires compatible with 105, 107, 108, 125, 128, VSM510. Old generation.
Model No.: BCY3-15IS, BCY3-15IG, BCY3-15AS, BCY3-15AG
Kontron ECG cable and leadwires compatible with 7000, 7135, 7135B, 7141, 7210, 7250, 7251, K2000, KAAT, Kolormon, Micromon, Minimon, Supermon, Vitalmon
Model No.: BCY3-14IS, BCY3-14IG, BCY3-14AS, BCY3-14AG
GE Marquette ECG cable and leadwires compatible with GE VIVID
Model No.: BCY3-13IS, BCY3-13IG, BCY3-13AS, BCY3-13AG
GE Marquette ECG cable and leadwires compatible with Dash Monitor, DashPRO 4000, DashPRO 3000, DashPRO 2000, Dash 1000, Eagle Systems, MAC-Lab Cath Lab, Solar, Solar 9500, Solar 8000, Solar 3000, Tram 100, Tram 200,Tram 300, Tram 400, Tram 500, Tram 600, Tram 800, Unity Systems, Datex-Ohmeda M-Prestn &"E" modules
Model No.: BCY3-12IS, BCY3-12IG, BCY3-12AS, BCY3-12AG, BCY5-12IS, BCY5-12IG, BCY5-12AS, BCY5-12AG
GE Hellige ECG cable and leadwires compatible with Eagle 1000Def.., SCP900/Cardioserv SMC, SMS, SMK, SMU, SMV
Model No.: BCY3-11IS, BCY3-11IG, BCY3-11AS, BCY3-11AG, BCY5-11IS, BCY5-11IG, BCY5-11AS, BCY5-11AG
Spacelabs ECG cable and leadwires 17Pin 3Lead compatible with 90496 Ultraview,90369 Ultraview, 90367 Ultraview (for 90701,90303, 90305,90308, 90309,90385 refer to AAMI)
Model No.: BCY3-31IS,BCY3-31IG,BCY3-31AS.BCY3-31AG
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